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Five Reasons to Give Yourself the Holiday Gift of Long-Term Care Insurance

This Holiday Season Could Be the Merriest Ever Says Long-Term Care Specialist Michael Markowitz of Mike Markowitz


Ellicott city, MD December 12, 2014 – If you’re 50-plus, Michael Markowitz has some holiday advice for you. “Consider giving yourself the gift of long-term care insurance,” Markowitz says. “It just might lift your spirits during the gift-giving season.” Markowitz, a MD-based agent of Mike Markowitz, is an expert in long-term care planning.

There are 5 reasons why you might enjoy the holidays more if you secure LTC insurance this month, according to Markowitz.

1. Asset Protection. “With insurance available to pay for care, you’ll breathe easier knowing you’ve protected your retirement assets,” Markowitz says. “Your savings and equity won’t be as vulnerable to unexpected care costs.” This knowledge alone can make December more enjoyable, Markowitz points out.

2. Lifestyle Protection. “With LTC insurance and a good retirement plan, you can look forward to independence and a satisfying existence in spite of needing care,” Markowitz says. “Otherwise, you might have no choice but to move to an institution.”

3. Asset Protection of Family. “Your children and other relatives will appreciate the fact that you have taken financial responsibility for your own future. They will breathe easier knowing their own assets aren’t at risk to pay for your care.”

4. Lifestyle Protection of Family. Many working Americans, mostly women, lose time from work or take early retirement to become long-term caregivers for a relative who lacks long-term care insurance. This disrupts their lives and diminishes lifetime earnings. “If you give yourself the gift of LTC insurance this December, it’s also a gift to your family,” says Markowitz.

5. Tax Relief. A substantial portion of LTC premiums may be deducted on federal income tax returns. Many states offer additional tax deductions or credits. “Why not smile at tax time?” says Markowitz. “Get yourself set up for 2015 and every year after.”

For all these reasons, ”you’ll have less to worry about this December,” says Markowitz. “You can pay more attention to sharing gifts and good times. And family members, less worried about you, can relax and enjoy themselves more too.” All around, your holiday might be more festive and satisfying than ever.

The process of securing LTC insurance can be satisfying too. The key, says Markowitz, is to link up with an advisor you trust. When that happens, “Many people tell us their stress just melts away.”


Michael Markowitz is a leading long-term care solutions agent in MD, serving consumers as well as organizations. “We’re glad to help them find the best, most affordable solution for their situation,” Markowitz says. "In addition to long-term care insurance, today's options range from critical illness insurance and annuities to life insurance with LTC riders."

Information is available from Markowitz at, or 410-455-0680.

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